Tuesday, 14 September 2010

What is the most effective way to smoke weed?

I have been asked this question time and time again and if you are reading this you are wondering the answer too.
There are several different ways to smoke weed and several different forms of weed to smoke.

You may think the straight forward answer to this question is just to vaporize but this is not always the best option as you don't really want to vaporize hash oil or THC crystals.

Lets analyze each form of mary jane and test each one against the 5 main types of smoking weed.

This is naturally the least effective way to smoke skunk as the weed is mixed with tobacco before being rolled up in the paper. This in effect dilutes the weed limiting the amount you can put in a joint. However honey oil, hash and THC crystals can be mixed in spliff giving the joint an advantage over other contenders.

This is a quick one hitter and depending on how many you smoke or how big the bowl is on your pipe, although you are smoking pure bud you will still get a similar high from a spliff. You can smoke hash in a pipe aswell but it must be mixed with tobacco so that the hash burns properly. What brings this method down even more is the fact you can't really put oil or crystals in it.

This is a nice way to smoke skunk. Whether you mix your skunk with tobacco or not a solid hitting bong taken down in one draw gives you a nice rush from taking suck a deep toke. This high is more to do with replacing the 30 seconds of air you would breathe with weed. Just like the pipe the bong also misses out on honey oil and crystals which lowers it's contention for the ultimate weed smoking tool. But mix some hash and skunk together in an ice bong from Roor and you'll be chillin'.

Grab a flavoured tobacco leaf, stuff it with as much chronic as you can, take a hit and blow out a thick yellow cloud of smoke. This is the way to enjoy your weed. Undiluted by tobacco, this method gives you a pure hit of bud making it more effective than a spliff. Unfortunately hash cannot be smoked this way unless mixed in with weed and made as a cocktail in which case it's AWESOME! You can also lace the blunt with hash oil or crystals which gives it another advantage over pipes and bongs and making it the best way of smoking weed.

This method of smoking is renowned for being the most effective as it just heats up the trichomes in the bud for your enjoyment and leaves the rest of the bud and side effects intact leaving you a pure hit of heavenly smoke.
Unfortunately they are not designed for use with hash, oil or crystals as these are already purer forms of weed.

In conclusion the most effective way of smoking Bud is in a vaporizer but if you have any two of the above ingredients (weed, hash, oil, crystals) roll it all up in a blunt wrap for the full effects.


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