Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What are the benefits of marijuana

Although there are two sides to this argument i would like to share the positive side of smoking marijuana.
There are several legitimate medical conditions for which cannabis is a great remedy/painkiller like fibromyalgia, migraines, insomnia, post surgery, slipped discs etc. This article is not geared toward the medical side of marijuana and rather the pros of recreational use of cannabis.

The positive mental effects of cannabis:

1. Marijuana allows your mind to think in a different light, from a different perspective and can help you concentrate more intensely on the subject you are thinking of. (i.e some of the greatest inventors and physicists were potheads)

2. Marijuana can relax you if you suffer from anxiety attacks.

3. If you suffer from depression then not only cannabis can help but the social element of a pot smoking circle can have a positive social effect on you.

The positive physical effects of cannabis:

1. If you have trouble sleeping, smoking marijuana can help you get sleep and is regularly, legitimately prescribed by doctors to patients that have trouble sleeping or suffer from insomnia to help them get 40 winks.

2. When high on weed you enjoy everything more like sex, music and munching. This point also stands for the positive mental effects. You appreciate smaller elements of everyday routines from the scent of food to things as extreme as the taste of water.

There is more to come on this subject . . . Please comment


  1. I have ADD and ADHD and smoking marijuana really really helps that :) My life is 10x better!!

    1. same goes for me! i have ADD/ADHD/depression and weed makes it amazing

  2. I love smoking marijuana

  3. Everytime I've smoked weed I've been drunk or something. The one time I wasn't, I got nothing from it, and I had a lot to myself. I get the whities all the time. ugh :(

  4. My doctor says I suffer from depression, and my parents have gotten me medication, but nothing helps me gives me a more pure and beautiful view on the world than pot. Although I do feel a little burnt out at school somedays, so I don't smoke everyday now.

  5. I love that feeling you get like 15 seconds after you take a hit...its that confirmation that...I'm high lol. Sex, video games, Music, Food, everything is just amplified.

  6. I love the feeling when i just get done smoking an ounce in under an hour. 4:20 fo life

  7. I smoke weed everyday, and I love it!!! it's the best feeling in the world,and now can't live without it. 420 for life,,, there is no reason why not to get high... everyday is a special is an ocassion to get high and I enjoy it and I smoke it!peace

  8. I tend to notice things that I hadn't when sober. As an example when watching a movie or
    a TV show that I've seen many times I notice small things I didn't before. I think marijuana does lots of good things like more strong frequent realizations but also makes me feel dazed when I'm sober.

    P.S. What's up with people calling it a Gravity bong? It's not a bong at all. The smoke never goes through water. It's just a pipe with water breathing for you.

  9. weed is definitely the best medicine out there. all natural too

  10. I suffer from arthitis in my back I could be taking cancer causing big pharma meds for it.

    I vaporize before I work out it. because of pot I kept my job can still run with my kid and play my violin. Not only that it helps with depression big time I will attest to that.

  11. I have background in the pharmaceutical industry, and although I am technically supposed to endorse prescription medication, I HIGHLY (no pun intended) recommend trying marijuana first before any prescription drug. Especially for ADD/ADHD ( in the majority of cases, although marijuana never causes negative effects, it just might not calm that down for everyone) But marijuana is an amazing plant! It's extremely sad to me that it is not recognized for what it really is, but a "drug" when prescriptions can mess you up WAY more in the long term, such as ADD/ADHD meds have been shown in some cases to contribute to Parkinson's and schizophrenia in long term use. Hardly seems worth it with a safer alternative out there..

  12. I suffer from sleep apnea and since beginning to use marijuana on a more regular bases, I have seen a significant difference in my sleep habits and my awareness the following day. So I definitely agree that positives out weigh the negatives..........

  13. For people with adhd i believe weed works out just fine to help you relax. Though when depressed i think you shouldn't use it, you are going to feel depressed even more afterwards.

  14. I can't say for dead certain but......... I was sposed to be dead from hep C a few years ago. I smoke a whole shitload of weed and I never developed any symptoms. I reckon the weed saved my life.

  15. long time sore throat from smoking pot stopped over 3 weeks ago but still sore, should i smoke again what is the cure?

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  18. I have ADHD too and pot helps me soo much... I can actually sit down and focus when I'm at school

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