Monday, 11 October 2010

The Best Places To Smoke Weed

Here is a list of the most common places to have a pot smoking session

1. The car

So many people smoking in the moving room for reasons such as:

 - No smoking in the house
 - You are already halfway to picking up more weed or munch
 - Hotboxing the car

2. A shed

Smoking sheds are quite common and a very chilled place to smoke some ganja. The best things about smoking in sheds are:

 - No smoking in the house
 - Hotboxing the shed
 - Privacy
 - No need to keep it clean
 - It can be decorated however you please

3. The Park

On a nice sunny day there is nothing better than heading down to the park with a football and some bud, finding a nice patch of grass and just getting high. why?

 - Enjoy your high in some nice weather
 - Open space to run around in
 - Feed the ducks some brownies ;)

4. The Beach

How picturesque it is to have a smoke on the beach. The wind, the sea, the sun and the girls create a great atmosphere to enjoy a nice long session. Add a little music and a frisbee to the equation and you have a memorable day out.

5. The cellar
There is something comforting about chilling having a smoke in a cellar. Underground, you are protected from the elements in a little cocoon.  That 70's show had it right!

6. The Bath

The bathtub must be the most chilled out place to smoke weed. Fiil the tub up, pour some bubbles in, roll a fatty and sink into that silky, steamy pot of water chilled as sloth on sleeping pills.

I think i have covered the best of the weed smoking session spots, if you think i have missed out any please comment.

Happy Smoking


  1. Great post but smoking while walking through the woods with loud music playing is also a great way to enjoy a session :)

  2. On the roof at night time or a wake and bake