Monday, 18 April 2011

The Best Way To Store Weed & How To Keep It Fresh

So you've just procured a healthy amount of some dank ass chronic blueberry yumyum supercharged and have decided that this weed is so special that you would like to keep it in its current state for an undetermined amount of time. I.e. Fresh and moist

There are several schools of thought on how to keep your cannabis fresh and moist. 3 things to remember are:

Temperature - The optimum temperature for storing marijuana is 52-55 Fahrenheit (11-12 Celsius). So unless you have a fridgededicated to cannabis storage, room temperature or your regular fridge will do.However keep the weed away from below zero temperature and away from heat (unless smoking).

Air tightness - Store in an air tight container reduces oxidation and stops the weed drying out, losing flavour and potency

Darkness - Keep out of sunlight. UV light degrades THC and oils in the bud, reducing the buds potency.

Storage Units to retain marijuana's freshness:

Tupperware - Storing weed in Tupperware is an obvious choice for the cannabisconnoisseur wishing to retain his smelly herb. After using this method for many years i can definitely recommend it to any pothead wishing to keep their weed fresh. Tupperwear with a clip seal is probably the best to keep the container airtight.There is no need to store weed in the fridge, just ensure that it is kept in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Mason Jar - For those of you that prefer glass to plastic a mason jar is a perfect storage unit for your weed. Ensure the mastic seal on the top of the jar is not dehydrated and therefore effectively airtight.

Vacuum Bags - Storing weed in a Foodsaver vacuum bag is a brilliant method for storing marijuana on 2 levels.

1. It keeps the cannabis fresh for very long periods (months and months)

2. Vacuuming the bag reduces circulation inside the bag thus hiding the smell of weed. (Perfect for storing large amounts)

Vacuum flask - Storing marijuana in a vacuum flask or thermos
flask is the best way to not only keep the ganja fresh but also prevent the smell of cannabis permeating.

Some notes for storing weed:

1. Do NOT store weed in a freezer, this will dry your weed out. (People that suggest this are clueless)

2. Do not break up large nuggets of weed as this will increase the surface area susceptible to reacting with air.


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  2. what about film cannisters?


  4. Nicely, this kind of article could be helpful for you to anyone that tummy flatness, although to read this one. Thank you for revealing your thoughts.

  5. So is the fridge a great place to keep it?

  6. Any airtight container is good. Got me an oz of skunk from humbolt county!! Green bud is so good after a 2pic month purple binge ;) peace

  7. Love smoking it helps with many of the things wrong with my body. As long as its around i will be smoking it no matter what its stored in!! LOVE IT SO LEGALIZE IT ALREADY!!

  8. you mentioned that keeping it in vacuum bags are good for months and months, but how about mason jars? are they good for months and months alsoo?

  9. How about wrapping weed in cling wraps?

  10. I like storing it right in my bong,bowl,or whatever i feel like smoking at the usually isn't around long enough to store....Thats how i see it anyway....

  11. This has nothing to do with bongs, but I did make some bud butter and I don't think I put in enough weed can some one please tell me if I can re-heat the bud butter and add more weed? Please answer I can't seem to get anyone to answer this easy question please help I am wasting a lot of product doing this baking. HELP!!!!!!!

    1. yes u can reheat the butter, do it slowly tho, so it doesn'tburn, add more ground up flower and trimmings and put it on a low simmer and check on it often for 45 mins to an hour then strain threw cheese cloth to remove any plant material, now u can use the mix to substitute for butter or oil in ur favorite recipe

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