Saturday, 11 September 2010

How to buy a vaporizer

So you have decided that vaporizing is the most effective and healthiest way of burning your buds but have no idea where to start when buying one.

We shall start this article with the question - What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is usually electric and the process it uses to give you such a nice his is vaporization. Vaporization is a process that occurs when the bud is heated not to it's burning point but to a temperature in which the THC crystals in the marijuana turn into a very thin vapour. This vapour is then inhaled by the pothead just like they would a bong hit, leaving the ganja bud intact and saving the smoker from inhaling other elements of the bud.

Why is a vaporizer more effective and healthier?

- It removes tar and carcinogens from your smoke
- There is no need to mix your bud with tobacco
- There are less side effects (cotton mouth etc)
- It is a cleaner high without all the other elements of the bud involved

These are just a few of the pros of using a vaporizer.

So how do i choose the right vaporizer for me?


The first issue when buying anything is the price. Typically you want to spend around £50/$80 on a decent working vaporizer that will last you a while. if price is an issue you can pick up a Vapbong
If you are looking for a more high end vaporizer like a volcano, then you can spend anything from £100 up to around £500.


This next issue deals with how easy the vaporizer is to use. Make sure you look into how easy the vaporizer is to:

- set up
- clean
- Electricity source / battery power
- Timing it takes for the vaporizer to heat up your bud

Try and find one thats the least awkward for you to use.


You must also decide whether you want a pocket sized little one hitter, a mammoth Vape that has it's own place at the dinner table or a standard portable one that you can move around with you. The 'iolite' is a good example of a portable vaporizer for the cheeky hitter. This will set you back £150. A 'volcano' will become the new idol of your living room or you could keep a standard 'blue meanie' in your car.

What ever you decide shop around first and ask as many questions as you want to your friends or at your local headshop.

Smoke up

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