Thursday, 16 September 2010

How to stop pulling whitey when smoking weed

It's happened to most of us and regularly occurs to some smokers after having a joint or two. The feeling of nausea, thoughts racing through your mind, the shivering and the pale complexion.

Here is the answer to the age old question how to stop being sick from weed?

To stop a pulling a whitey:

1. Find a quite spot without distraction so you can relax, make sure it's quite private as you may well fall asleep here :)

2. Drink fruit juice or eat a piece of fruit as vitamin C has been shown to bring down your high. (An apple usually does the trick of stopping you from being high.)

3. Drink water to flush out the THC from your bloodstream.

4. The main thing is to just try and relax and your high will pass with time.

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