Saturday, 18 September 2010

Weed Smoothie Recipe

The first issue with making a weed smoothie is that the THC in the weed must be broken activated by fat.

So If you have followed my tutorials on how to make green dragon or cannabutter you will not need to follow step one of the weed smoothie recipe and just replace the weed peanut butter with either of the above and follow the rest of the recipe.


1. Weed
2. Summer fruits of your choice (mango and strawberry)
3. Ice cream (vanilla 2 scoops)
4. Milk (2 cups)
5. Peanut butter
6. ice


1. Oven
2. Foil
3. A pan
4. Blender
5. A straw

Recipe for mango, strawberry and weed smoothie/milkshake

1. Mix the weed with the peanut butter  on a ration of 1 gram to 1/4 cup of peanut butter. Place this mixture in the pan and seal the pan with the foil. Place it in the over on 200 degrees celsius for 25 minutes. This will emulsify you weed and voila you have weed peanut butter.

2. Place the fruit, ice cream, milk, ice and canna-peanut-butter into the blender. Blend the mixture.

3. Stick a straw and if available a cocktail umbrella in it. Drink it and wait for it . . . .

This recipe can be used for making chocolate milkshakes, and other delicious cannabis based drinks.


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