Thursday, 1 October 2009

Portable Vaporizers & Self Lighting Pipes

Ok, i have just discovered the Solopipe and think it's one of the greatest stoner innovations ever.

No need for a lighter or anything, it just slips in your pocket like a mobile phone!

Just stick your weed in and smoke it! with one hand!

The Silver SoloPipeis the first self igniting pipe!

Goodbye Lighter

This brings me to the next touch of class, The Oxygen Mini O2 Handheld Portable Vaporizer.

For a hundred bucks you can own the greatest piece of 'on the go' pothead equipment. We all know the power of a vaporizer. Imagine having that power in your pocket in a pen sized capsule!

Think of the possibilities. You could smoke in public and no-one would be the wiser because they give off very fine smoke when you exhale. No messing about just a clean hit in you pocket.

Unfortunately they are not available in the UK, so i am having to ship one over. But this is one thing no stoner can be without.

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  1. Hi This John Abraham,

    Nice Vaporizer its just like a pen sized capsule which can be smoke with one hand...