Monday, 5 October 2009

How to roll a Spliff

Back to the basics on how to roll a spliff.

By no you should have some rizla (rolling paper), some roach paper, some tobacco (cigarette tobacco is the best), a grinder and some fine 'erb.

1. Roll a roach (pretty simple). This is done getting a piece of thin card about an inch by 2 inches and rolling it width wise.
This prevents the spliff hole closing, bits coming through into your mouth and prevents burning your lips.

2. Place the roach at which ever end of the joint you preffer, making sure the rizla is well balanced on a table or an open book.

3. Empty half the cigarette and grind .5 to a gram of weed and mix them. Choose your own ratio depending on how strong you want it. I'd suggest 50/50 if your new to it . . .

4. Pick up the rizla with the evenly laid mixture inside between both your thumbs and indexes at each end and begin rolling it into a joint shape, surely you have seen this done.

Then start to fold the edge closest to you over the mixture and into the other side using your thumbs.

after you have succesfuly folded it, 9 tries later lick the gumi strip which i should have mentioned earlier should be facing you and close her up as neatly as possible.

5. Finishing off. Burn any excess paper at the roach end then pack the joint down by either poking with a cig or tapping the roach end on the table.

Twist the top, put it in your mouth and light that bad boy!

This tutorial will cover it all:

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