Tuesday, 6 October 2009

How to roll a windmill joint

This is a real party piece but creating it is like a real arts and craft session.

You will need:

-A piece of thin A4 card
-A pair of scissors
-A lot of rizla (rolling paper)
-2 Cigarettes
-2 grams of spicy marijuana

1. Firstly cut out a D shape from the card, like it shows in the movie, then roll it into a joint shaped cone and seal with tape or rizla gumi.

2. Next, poke four holes into the side of the cone about an inch from the top, make sure the holes can fit a joint in snugly.

3. Cover the end of the cone in rizla, seal and twist, so now it looks like a huge joint.

4. Roll four joints, if you are not sure how use the tutorial provided on this site.

5. Put the joints in the four holes, poke an air hole somewhere between the spliffs and the mouth piece. The tutorial shows two extra pieces of card to be inserted, these are optional extensions.

6. Light those four bad boys and chunt that windmill.

This tutorial will make things a lot clearer . . .

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