Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Can mango make you higher?

You may have heard that eating a ripe mango 45 minutes before you smoke will intensify your high and like me you may be very skeptical as to how this would work. So i looked into it. .

The science behind it is this; Mango contains something called terpene Myrcene. This is the most prevalent terpene that is also found in cannabis. Therefore eating Mango an hour or so before having a toke should in theory increase the intensity of the high since Myrcene helps the THC pass the blood-brain barrier quicker.

The mango must be ripe and must be eaten at least 45 minutes prior to smoking.

After trying this it worked for 4 out of 5 of us, but the one who it failed for smokes way too much to tell the difference anyway.
The high lasted longer than usual and was very pleasant. This is definitely worth trying.
Enjoy . . .

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