Thursday, 8 October 2009

How to check the quality of weed

By now you should know the basics as in the difference between hash (solid), Schwag (pubic weed) and fat juicy buds of marijuana.

I will run through a quick way of how to tell if the weed is good and the first thing to do is to make sure it's not schwag.
This is pretty easy, schwag is like hay, dosn't have a strong cannabis smell and is full of seeds and stems.
It looks like this

Stay away from schwag it's a waste of time and is mostly used to make hash.


For quality weed you want to concentrate on thick skunky buds covered in orange hair and white crystals.

This picture is a good example of what to look for.


Good weed should be able to be smelled through the baggy and should fill the room with a skunk-like smell, a lot of people compare it to cat piss, my rule of thumb is; the sweeter the smell the better the taste, the stronger the smell the stronger the weed is. If the weed smells a little grassy it's been prematurely picked and won't smoke too well.


You should have light buds dry enough to crumble in a grinder but not too dry. Exposing cannabis to the air for too long will dry your bud out making the smoke harsh and the buds burn too quickly. When the bud is too wet/damp for whatever reason leave it on some paper/wood on the radiator so it gets dried out a little and the paper/wood absorbs excess juice.

How it smokes

When you take a clean blunt hit from the and you enjoy a thick, smooth, yellow, silky cloud in your mouth, the smoothness says it all. Good weed when inhaled should be as smooth as breathing and should just tickle your lungs a little.


How high are you? The more you smoke the more you'll notice the difference in types of weed, not just looks and tastes but different highs. I will leave it to you to decipher whether the weed is good or not once you have smoked it.

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