Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Improve and make your bong hit stronger

Here are a few methods i use to get a nicer, better hit outa' my bongy bong bong!

1. Unless you have an ice bong for a nice smooth chilling hit add crushed ice to the bong water and exhale a chilling cloud of smoke!

2. Use milk in the bong rather than water and you'll get a really thick hit, this is really good, trust me! But don't forget to wash it out straight away afterwards.

3. This is one my Russian friend showed me except he takes it to extremes. Use vodka instead of water and get a hit of the vodka fumes, this disperses the alcohol into your bloodstream quicker than drinking the vodka would. Except he downs the vodka afterwards! Nutter!

4. None diluted fruit juice instead of water will give you a tasty fruity hit, very nice . . . girls!

5. Fill your bong with hot water and the hit will shock your lungs less than an ice cold hit. It's like taking a drag of silk.

Have i missed anything?


  1. Really ? Ive Heard That Using Alcohol Actually Extracts Some THC Thus Getting You Less Stoned.

  2. Alcohol only extracts the THC when marijuana is soaked in it. It will have a minimal effect when the smoke passes through it. Your just infusing the alcohol into your blood stream quicker by inhaling it.

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