Thursday, 15 October 2009

How to roll a backroll joint

Also known as the backwards joint and the 'flipmode' it's fairly simple and the end product is like smoking without paper!

So make your marijuana and tobacco mixture like you would for a normal joint and a roach of course.

Then turn the rizla (paper) upside down so the gumi is facing down and on your side and crease it down the middle so you can pile that mixture into there.

Next roll it like a normal joint except when it comes to licking it the gumi will be on the inside, this is why you will like the outside where the gumi is, don't worry your saliva will penetrate the porous paper.

Then dry it by blowing on it or running a lighter along it, tear off the excess paper, twist the top and spark it!

This video will make more sense of rolling a backwards joint than i did. . . .

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