Thursday, 15 October 2009

How to quit/give up smoking weed

Most smokers come to a point where they have had enough or are just overwhelmed and need a break.

Either way it is hard especially if you are smoking very heavily.


Taking a break
Psychologically you know that you'll be able to have a smoke after a date you set yourself wether it be a week or a year and the looking forward to this spurs you on a lot.

This is harder than taking a break. The method is to follow the advice i will give and you will soon forget about weed.

You are taking a break because weed is interfering with your life in some way.

Make sure you have prepared activity for your break whether it be a 2 month body building / weight loss program, a project due in at college/work a hobby or you just have the desire to stop smoking.

Obsess over the project and social life which brings me to rule number 2.

Rule 2
You will come to realize that a lot of your friends smoke and you will find it hard to hang out with them without smoking. They may be good people but you can not be with them while they are smoking as the temptation will break the weak-willed.

Although you have your project and are trying to keep busy and are socializing with non smokers you will still be bored and you didn't realize it but you were this bored when you smoked and that's why you will think about smoking at this time. Just watch TV, surf the net, exercise or whatever.

My personal method
I quit because i was smoking so much i didn't know what was going on in the world, i was failing at everything and i never got high because i always was high.

Side effects
Luckily non of the extreme paranoia or other side effects set in which can and do happen very often when you smoke a lot, yet another thing to put you off marijuana.
If you feel any long term effects setting in or people have told you that you show some of these effects then it's time for a break / permanaent break.

1. There is no final smoke
2. Excommunicate yourself from the stoner community
3. You will be bored
4. Cigarettes/shisha are ok

Hope this point you in the right direction and for more information Click Here!

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