Wednesday, 14 October 2009

How to stash & hide your weed

We all have our secret hiding places for our weed at home but what about when you are out?

What happens if a cop stop and searches you? Or maybe someone tries to jack your stash or even a home search?!

The first issue of stashing your weed is if it's long term you want to keep it fresh.
There for the weed must be in a cool dry place in an air tight ziplock bag or a curing jar.
This will keep the marijuana fresh and help towards hiding the smell.

Secondly you must find a hiding place, this is the fun bit and should be left up to your imagination, just make sure it's somewhere that is not regularly visited/checked and somewhere where the smell will not seep out or over power other smells. (Basement, larder etc...)

This is a very useful innovation for stashing your bud in, you must have seen it before; the stash book, a hollowed out book which sits on your shelf with your weed hidden in it.

Other innovations which are just as useful to hide marijuana are these nifty tins which can sit in a cupboard surrounded by similar tins which also mask the smell of weed.

When out and about either in walking or in your car you must be even more clever about hiding your weed stash.
Apart from putting drugs up your butt crack :p or methods the cops are wise to of stashing weed down your pants or in your socks or secret coat pockets, Here are a few ingenious innovations to stash your weed on you and there is even a cigarette lighter to stash in your car!

I think this is the most i can legally give away, so enjoy!

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