Thursday, 15 October 2009

How to make a gravity bong

Gravity bongs are one of the best ways to bong weed. They work using a vacuum and gravity. The water in the bottle leaks out the bottom of the bottle pulling air through the top of the bottle to replace the water except rather than air, the vacuum is sucking some ice weed with a lighter over it. :)

To make a gravity/bucket bong you will need:

- A 2 litre plastic bottle
- A bucket full of water
- Scissors/knife
- Foil
- Some ice weed!

- Start making your bong by cutting the bottom of the bottle off.

- Next make a bowl out of the foil by replacing the lid of the bottle with it and making a few holes in it.

- Take the foil piece while you fill the bong with water otherwise the water pressure will blow it off (with the weed). Immerse the bottle into the bucket of water (as shown in the diagram).

- Fill the foil with weed like you would a standard Roor bong.

- Place your foil bowl on top of the bottle.

- Hold your lighter over the weed in the bowl while slowly pulling the bottle out of the water and you will see a thick cloud of smoke pulling through.

- Only pull the bottle 3/4 of the way out soo as not to let all the smoke out of the bottom. (make a marking on the bottle if you are unsure)

- Remove the bowl from the top of the bottle bong and hit that shit!

Here is a video of how the bucket bong works:

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