Monday, 27 February 2012

I’ve smoked weed and hash. Now what? Maybe Earwax Hash?

If you’ve been a toker for a while now, you have most likely tried hash. Its main ingredient is THC and most people experience a stronger high while smoking hash. The resin from the flowers of the cannabis plant are collected and then smoked using either hookahs, pipes, water bongs or sprinkling on top of a joint.

Today, I would like to introduce you to a different kind of hash: Earwax. The hash is extracted through a butane extraction process, alcohol wash, or by using nitrogen oxide or CO2. When the wax is warmed up, it has the consistency similar to honey and is usually a described as striking experience. Different strands will give you different results, giving you access to a multitude of adventures. There are similarities and differences between Earwax and Bubble hash. Bubble hash must go through a cold water process. Once the cold water extraction has separated the vegetable matters from the THC laden trichomes, the vegetables remains are removed and the THC is dried and pressed. The main difference between bubble hash and ear wax are their reactions when lit. Bubble hash will bubble and sometimes will not completely burn. On the other hand, ear wax will always melt down into a lovely concoction of THC, CBD and CBN. It is very potent and completely pure, there is no plant residue making it a cleaner hit. A major tip when smoking ear wax is moderation. It is strongly potent and it is advised to take in small doses, especially when trying new strands.

Earwax Hash

The most common way to smoke earwax is through the use of a skillet or vapor globe. In order to inhale the wax, you must heat it up to create a vapor. Using a vapor globe is very simple, it is used to smoke full melt concentrates and made of a two pieces: a globe and nail. The globe pieces will slide on top of the nail once it is heated. The nail itself is made of glass or titanium and must be heated with a torch. Let the nail cool down slightly, place a dab of wax on top of the nail, and inhale. The skillet is used in a similar way, but consists of only one piece. Heat the skillet with a torch, tab the wax on top and toke away. If you need a more in depth explanation, you can visit YouTube for instructional videos. If you can’t afford these devices, you can also sprinkle a bad on top of a bowl or use a hot knife to melt the wax.

Vapor Globe and Skillet

Guys I'm just sharing another option of taking high , but I also want confess that for me the best option is simple marijuana buds :) especially if they grown from genuine Amsterdam seeds.


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