Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Cannabis Pizza Recipe

Weed pizza is a very simple recipe!

As we all know THC is fat soluble and to our luck cheese contains some nice greasy oil to break down the THC in our bud.

To make cannabis pizza you will need:

 - Frozen pizza
 - Weed
 - Cheese

Simply grind up a couple of grams of weed on to your frozen pizza, sprinkle plenty of cheese over the weed so it is trapped between the frozen pizza layer of cheese and your layer of cheese.

Rather than cook the cannabis pizza for 10 minutes on 200 celsius (like you would normally), cook the weed pizza for about 20 minutes on 150 celsius.

You will know its done because the top of the cheese will be starting to crisp-en and the whole neighborhood will smell that dank!

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