Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Baby Bottle Bong

If they cry, let them fry! If you want your kids to remain as articulate as they are now when they are older - then you feed them through this baby.
Suckling at the tit of some chronic nugz will be sure to calm them down and give you a little more peace to hit your own piece.

Another Brilliant bong


  1. Seriously????? i was looking for baby bottle pictures and THIS came up!!!!
    You should burn in hell, you sick fuck!!!
    I hope you don't have any children, and if you do, they should be taken by the State from your so called "Care"!
    If we are lucky and you have not yet started to breed, then you should be sterilized!!!
    You should, however, continue smoking as MUCH weed as you possibly can, unil your brain is SO fried, you are unable to function!Enjoy the schizophrenia moron!!!!!

  2. Every few years, I google "baby bottle bong" to find this image. Why? because I made it. It's now on loads of websites and none ever gives credit despite the original site that I uploaded it to doing so.

    I love your comments Anonymous. I couldn't stop laughing.

    Not only do I have kids, They're now more than a decade old (as is the picture!).

    I'm still waiting for my schizophrenia. Despite more than twenty years of using herb, it hasn't happened.

    Have a nice day Anonymous and you should really have a toke or two it might chill you out a little.

    Entruchio Marchubar