Sunday, 18 July 2010

Tips & Tricks for making a Shisha

Tips & Tricks for making a Shisha

1. Clean your shisha regularly and change the water as soon as the colour of it starts changing. It is extremely unhealthy to smoke a hookah full of rust, ash, molasses and the rest of the crap that builds up in there and secondly it ruins the taste of the shisha. Take pride in your shisha.

2. Use a plastic pipe rather than the metal ones, this is because the metal shisha pipes become easily corroded and blocked up. They are also more expensive to replace than the plastic hookah pipes. Replace you old pipe as regular as necessary.

3. Filling the base you should normally fill it up to about 20% of the way up the water pipe.  Remember that the water pipe must be immersed in the water but do not overfill otherwise you will get water into the hose you are sucking from.
You can add some flavour to your shisha bowl. Rather than fill it with water, use fruit juice, schnapps, ice, a mixture or anything you desire. Milk is also a good option to fill the base with.

4. If your tobacco is a little dry or you want it to last longer with thicker smoke then mix in either molasses or honey. Even flavoured honey can change the taste of your shisha tobacco.

5. Using a smaller head bowl saves you a lot of tobacco rather than emptying a big one after every coal.

6. Use a double layer of foil when setting up the shisha so that the tobacco dosen't get too hot and makes the shisha 'coaly'.

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