Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Rolling a joint with a dollar bill / £5 note

For beginner smokers out there struggling to roll a perfect spliff, good news!
This method works like a rolling machine that does all the work for you except you dont have to lug around an awkward rolling machine, you just whip a dollar bill out of your wallet.

How to roll a joint with a dollar bill:

1. Make your weed/tobacco mix.

2. Fold up about an inch of the end of your dollar bill. Depending on the size of your rolling paper either fold it length ways or width ways.

3. Fill that little crevis you made with the marijuana mix and begin rolling it into a joint shape.

4. Once you have the shape forming start to slide the paper in behind the mix and begin rolling it. If you follow the video posted here it will make sense how the dollar bill does all the work for you when rolling the joint.

5. Once the spliff has rolled itself, pull it out, lick it and stick it.

6. If nescacery roll a roach and stick it in the end.


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  1. lick it and stick it to the man, , yeah!!!!