Monday, 1 February 2010

Mixing Flavoured Tobacco With Weed

This is an old favourite of mine. If you like to smoke weed and shisha and want a long, chilled smoking session, this is the one for you.

All you do is set up the hookah in the normal fashion but before you put the tobacco in the bowl mix the flavoured shisha tobacco with about a joints worth of marijuana and a little bit of honey (not too much, just enough to keep the mixture moist).

Other opinions recommend that you put the weed in first and the moist shisha tabaco on top so that the coal doesn't burn the weed directly but heats it gradually while cooking the tobacco. This will give you a nice flavoured hit with that ganja taste slowly being released throughout the session, so you don't burn all the weed up at once.

You get a fruity weed taste every hit for an hour long session . . .  Chilled . . .


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  2. I dont think so you will get high af for an hour. I doubt that you will get high even for a minute.