Monday, 1 February 2010

Cone joint rolling with Rollmate

As an avid joint roller i like to think of joint rolling as an art  and have no need for this as do many of you.

But! i know so many people that just try and fail repeatedly trying to roll a perfect cone shaped spliff.

Well here is the answer and it comes in keyring form!

Available at Grasscity - Cick Here

How it works:

- You simply roll your paper around this steel keyring cone known as the Rollmate.
- Lick it and stick it.
- Now that you have a perfect cone roll a roach and use the steel joint rolling friend to poke the roach down to the end of the cone.
- By now you should have realised that the Rollmate doubles as a poker and you can simply poke your special herbal mix (Chronic & Blueberry) to fill the cone.
- Twist and smoke!

1 comment:

  1. Check out The Cone Roller. You now can roll a cone shaped preroll with the filter attached.