Monday, 18 January 2010

How to roll a nosecone/Tulip joint

The nosecone/Tulip joint is a real party piece and very impressive.

I will run through ho to make one of these monsters. This is for quite advanced rollers and requires some arts and crafts skill.

You will need:

- A few rizlas (rolling papers)
- 2 Cigarettes
- At least 3 grams of some high grade weed
- A lighter

1. Firstly visit the How to roll an L  and roll and L.

2.  Stick two king sized rizlas together to make a square and fold them into a cone like shown in the picture. It will turn out like this picture

 3. Then tear the excess paper off the end of the joint. This part may take a few tries as it's very tricky.

4. Use the excess paper on the nosecone to seal round the joint. Tear the gummy part off another rizla and use this to attach the nosecone to the joint.

Check out this tutorial for more help.


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