Tuesday, 12 January 2010

How to roll an L joint

This joint is in theory 1 1/2 times longer than a traditional joint, so lasts longer and gets you higher.

You will need:

-WEEEEEEEEED!!! a fat gram of it
-A cigarette
-2 rizlas (rolling papers)
-A lighter
-Some rolling skills

Make your standard weed and baccy mix and a roach. Then take one rizla and lick half of the gummy side and stick that onto the end of the other rizla to form an L shape. Remember to stick it on the opposite side the roach goes on.

Tear some of the top corner off to make it easier and less fiddly (less paper).
Once the L paper is dry and secure just roll it a bit to make sure before you fill it with weed and start rolling it in the traditional manner.

Lick it, stick it, spark it.

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