Monday, 11 January 2010

How to Incorporate Hemp into Your Daily Life

Hemp is one of the oldest and most versatile plant, dating back to nearly 10,000 years. Human beings have developed various uses for this wonderful plant throughout history, eventually discovering its full potential. Today, I will be listing you a list of ways to incorporate hemp into your daily life. You will find great benefits in switching to natural and durable hemp products, they are versatile and very healthy. You might be thinking that getting high is your main priority, as it should be, but surrounding yourself with hemp products will encourage and support hemp growers. The growth of hemp product lines are an important step in destroying prejudices against marijuana benefits.


Your first step in creating a hemp friendly atmosphere is by wearing it yourself. Hemp fabric is very breathable and can last for a very long time. It is great for nearly any piece of clothing and can replace the use of cotton. Finding hemp clothing in major stores will prove difficult. Visit small boutiques or specialty stores as it may be a more successful shopping trip.

If you can’t find any store near you offering hemp style clothing, you can always turn to the alternative of online shopping. Websites such as and offer a wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing lines. Items found vary from women’s bras and panties to interesting home d├ęcor ideas. If you are serious in making the switch from cotton to hemp, beginning in your closet is a perfect first step.

Body Care

Switching to hemp body products will prove especially useful if you suffer from sensitive skin. Products such as shampoos and conditioners, body butters, makeup and face creams can be made using hemp oil. Rather than chemicals that may damage your skin, hemp oil is full of omega 3, 6 and 9. These omegas will help keep your skin looking younger and moisturized, strengthen your hair, feed you scalp and sometimes cure common skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. The hemp plant contains the highest amount of fatty acids when compared to all other plants, making it an effective ingredient in common bathroom products including acne cream, bath gel, soap, moisturizers, lipstick, sunscreens and other similar products.

Hemp Foods

Hemp seeds are a powerful tool in any diet plan. It is very beneficial is sustaining a natural and balanced meal, providing nutrients necessary for any healthy individual. Many people have used hemp seeds to facilitate weight loss, increase energy, reduce inflammation and improve recovery time, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and improve circulatory and immune cells. They have also proven to maintain a natural blood sugar level. Individuals using hemps seeds have experienced different results, therefore it’s important to try hemp seeds and explore the different benefits for you.

Exploring the widening availability of hemp products will be an exciting and rewarding experience. You will now be able to enjoy your favourite’s herbs full potential while supporting hemp growers.

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