Wednesday, 20 July 2011

How To Stash/Hide Weed in Your Car

We all like a smoke in the car and because we don't want certain people finding our stash, there must be ways of keeping it hidden.
(Hopefully there aren't any cops reading this)

There are several ways of storing weed in your automobile.

Firstly, there is no place to
obvious. So don't stick it in the glove compartment, down the back of the seat or in the boot. Cops will look at the spare wheel too . . .

Secondly, Know your car! You should know any secret compartments in your car, whether it be a fuse box or a compartment behind the armrests.
Cops will only rip your car apart if they think you have a large amount of weed. If you do - run!
If not, then use these compartments only you know about to keep your stash hidden.

A favourite way of stashing bud in a car is to hide it in the gear stick cover.

Open the gearstick cover which is held on by elastic bands and you have uncovered quite a sizeable inconspicuous hiding place for your weed.

Shove your weed in and close her up. . .

More to come . . .


  1. I had a good laugh on this. On the other hand, it's really scary for me to stash Kronic Black Label (cannabis)in the car. For me, since cannabis is not legalized in some parts of the globe then it's better to hide it somewhere where cops can't find it.

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  3. I can't believe that I will read post like this about hiding a weed inside a car. This illegal but I think that is a great idea. No one will think that there is a weed in those places.

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  5. thats sweet as haha =D u got some pree cool stuff on here hey :P

  6. I used to bike around town with a joint or two stashed in a little space on my handlebar. That was foolish on hindsight but every one in my biker group seemed to have a small stash ready at any given time so I guess the other guys have them hidden on their bikes too. Good thing none of us was caught though.

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  8. The vape ninja has found the weed ninja.

  9. Geez is it ALL spam comments here or what??

    Well I think that gearshift idea is good, I will check out how mine is put together, it seems there is more to it than just rubber bands....


  10. A great page you have in here. Thanks for sharing. truly amazing! But is this still a secret or what??? =)

  11. LOL. This is a good tip. for those who have cars. But, what about for guys who have bikes?

  12. I've had some close encounters and spending a little bit of time really getting to know my car has definitely saved my ass on a couple of occasions. If they got dogs though then that requires a bit more thinking!

    1. If u carry a female dog aka bitch hahaha it wldnt hold up in court cuz wen 2 dogs meet the behavior is unpredictable..

  13. Put it in the gas door. Where u open it up and unscrew the gas cap. That's where I put mine

    1. I wouldn't do that anymore the cops around my place in the middle of the sticks, the cops will check the inside of the gas cap and look for strings goin down into the tank so I would be careful.

  14. This is quite a helpful tip! :)

    P.S. I'm following this blog anonymously for obvious reasons. >_>

  15. Fuckin dumb idea u should hide it in the air cleaner under the hood

  16. Great post, sounds like its a fun time.. I might need to try it

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