Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Ultimate Blunt

This is a short tutorial on how to roll the Ultimate Super Blunt!

To roll the Ultimate Super Blunt you will need:

- A blunt paper (Flavoured or not its your choice)

- At Least 2 grams of the finest weed you can get your hands on

- Some hash oil
- The crystals you have been collecting from your crystal catcher grinder

- Some skillz!

To roll the ultimate blunt:

1. Fill the blunt paper with the bud.

2. Sprinkle your pollen all over your bud.

3. Roll the blunt to just before the licking it point.

4. Rather than lick the blunt paste the hash oil down the side and use that to st
ick the blunt. (lay it on thick!)

5. Finish rolling it and sign it with hash oil.

6. Spark it and hit it hard!


  1. I hit that ishh real hard.

  2. That has to get you mega baked.

  3. How bout a 4 gram blunt mixed with hash oil, hash, and laced with promo?

    That was a mega blunt.

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