Thursday, 19 August 2010

Rolling paper

There are several elements to rolling a perfect joint the main one being the skill of the roller but to make the joint rolling experience as efficient, easy and enjoyable as possible you must have the right materials to roll a good spliff.

Rolling paper

The market is flooded with all types of rolling paper from Super fine rizla to rolls of fruity flavoured skins. Each type of rolling paper has it's own qualities for rolling different types of joints.

Paper Rolls - Paper rolls are much wider than run of the mill rolling papers, this is to help you roll long/novelty joints as you could roll an infinitely long joint with these rolls.
Do not go over the top when deciding how long you want to make your spliff as if it is too long it will naturally flop over. Rolls are used instead of sticking loads of rizlas together to create a large joint.
You need a lot of weed to make a joint out of some roll. Remember to fold the paper before rolling.

Fruity flavoured skins - These are a perfect companion for weed. These skins add some fruity flavour to your smoke and licking your lips afterwards is the icing on the cake. These papers are quite thick but this makes them all the more delightful to roll with. Licking the gumi bit is the best bit.

Blunt wraps - Blunt wraps are the best way to smoke a joint. There is no need for mixing your bud with tobacco with these babies. Just grinds up a couple of grams of bud and roll it up in the processed tobacco leaf. They burn down evenly  so it won't pull a sidey (canoe). Add a little more flavour to your joint with flavoured blunt wraps.
These are best kept in a fridge and as they are damp take care when rolling as so not to tear them.

Pre-rolled cones - I must admit that i have never used or had the need to use them but if you lack the skill to roll the perfect joint, then these will accomplish that for you. Just fill the cone with your weed and tobacco mix, twist and enjoy.

Tips on rolling paper

There are many rolling papers on the market and you must experience each one for yourself before deciding which you prefer the most.
 - Thick Rizlas are good for beginner rollers as the thick papers takes a cone shape much more easily than the thin ones.
 - A good gumi is needed to insure the spliff doesn't fall apart. Most rolling sheets use 'Gum arabic' which is reliable.
 - For longer joints thicker/wider paper is required for sustainability.
 - Mix the tobacco and marijuana well before rolling it for an evenly rolled joint.

Roach paper

The roach serves several purposes in the joint:

 - It hold the shape and integrity of the joint
 - The roach stops tobacco or bits of weed being sucked through when you take a drag.
 - It prevents you from burning your lips when taking a hit.

The roach should be between half and 3/4 of an inch long for a standard spliff and should be rolled between your hands for a perfectly circular result.

Rather than roll a regular roach try rolling an 'M roach' to prevent sucking spliff debris through when taking a hit.

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