Sunday, 18 July 2010

Fruit Cocktail Hookah

The Ultimate Fruit Cocktail Shisha

This is an old favourite hookah recipe of mine and involves - yes you guessed it fruit!
If you want to add an edge generic shisha smoking session then this is one way to make it more exciting and tasty.
It a more herbal way of shisha smoking if you will.

Here is one recipe for making fruit shisha:

You will need:

 - A shisha (this would help a great deal)
 - Some funky, fruity shisha tobacco (Al Fakhr & Starbuzz have a wild range of really fruity, tasty tobacco)
 - A sealed piece of fruit ( Something with a waterproof 'sealed' skin like an nectarine, orange, guava or anything that has a strong fruity flavour as you want to taste it when you take a drag of the hookah)
 - A knife, A kebab stick, rubber gumi, foil & coal.

Making the ultimate fruit cocktail shisha:

1. Cut a bowl shaped section out of the top of the fruit, about the same size as a shisha bowl. Then cut a smaller 1cm hole on the opposite side so that the rubber gumi from the top of the shisha fits snugly and air tight inside the fruit.

2. Poke some thick half centimeter holes into the bowl shape you have cut out in the fruit and make sure they penetrate all the way through to the hole on the opposite side.

3. By now if you have followed my vague instructions and used some common sense you should have what appears to be a shisha bowl made of a piece of fruit. Fill it with some fruity shisha tobacco, cover it with a double layer of tin foil and poke holes in the foil like you normally would.

4. Make sure you shisha is set up correctly and the base is filled with some tropical fruit juice and ice to add to the intense fruity experince, whack some hookah coals on.

5. Enjoy

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