Thursday, 7 January 2010

Tips on how to find bud when in a new/unkown area

There are so many different methods of finding bud and depending on where you are in the world with regards to laws and amount of potheads in that city you should adjust your methods.

If done right this can all be done in a day, but you have to be willing to put yourself out there, strike up conversations and be patient.

Who to approach

Although they probably know best DO NOT ASK THE COPS!

In a relaxed environment where people are chilled, you can go from corner shop to corner shop and either make conversation about weed or straight up ask for weed. This can be a long process though.

Spark up a conversation with some youths, preferably youths that are smoking and preferably ones that won't stab you :)
Ask them what the situation with weed is or ask them where the nearest head shop, if that country has such things . . .

Which brings me to my next point college / university campuses / hangouts because believe it or not a lot of students smoke weed! :)

If you see someone that you know is high, go and make friends . . .

How to approach

Cigarettes are a good conversation started whether you ask for one or offer one. Whilst smoking or talking you can make reference to anything slightly to do with weed e.g i wish this cigarette was a joint or i once hot-boxed a phone box like that.

If the person seems more relaxed and approachable you can ask them straight out if they smoke weed or know where to get hold of some bud.

Buying the herb

Once you find a dealer . . .

I hope i don't need to tell you to not follow shady people in to back allies and accept some scrunched up foil for $100 . . .


Go on to this website which will show you hot spots and for weed around the world

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  1. big issue sellers r a good source, but b carefull keep them in your sight and remember there not doing this 4 free, so make a deal with them first. thay will prob want a few pound rather than weed as thay may prefear a drink or some brown. ..... good hunting