Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Proper etiquette for stealing lighters

We all do it whether on purpose or accident, whether to baked to remember where it is (usually in your hand) or you have a game amongst your stoner friends in which who can steal the most lighters.

Stealing lighters from a stoner circle is perfectly acceptable as long as the following laws are followed. Lets face it anyone can sneakily steal a lighter and deny taking it, it's more fun this way . . .

These rules do not apply to personal lighters or lighters of sentimental value.

Rule 1: The lighter must be handed to you whether you request it or not.

Rule 2: If they ask for the lighter back you must give it back ( especially if it's to light a spliff).

Rule 3: Once the lighter has been jacked and the jackee sees it on another occasion they may not have it back as they have previously given up hope on ever finding it again (that's right the laws are getting biblical).

Rule 4: Don't get caught!

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