Monday, 18 January 2010

How to make a stash box out of a deck of cards

An innocent deck of cards is unlikely to be searched, therefore the perfect place to stash your weed!

You will need:

-A deck of cards
-A pair of scissors
-Some duct tape

1.Start by taking two cards off the deck and putting them aside.

2. Then two at a time fold the cards in half and cut a square out of the middle so you are just left with the rim of the cards in tact. Do not do more than two as they are thick and the shape will differ a little inside. 1 at a time will be to time consuming.

3. Once you have done this to 50 cards, put them in a neat pile on top of one of the whole cards you put to the side and use a little bit of duct tape to stick one side of the inside of the deck together whilst sticking it to the bottom card. Do this for both side but not the ends as you want them a little loose so that you can flick through them  little bit.

4. Use the last card as the lid and your ready to stash some hash!

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