Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Da Bong Game

Firstly i'd like to say this is the first game that i ever invented. It's 'breath taking', adds an element to bong hits and get's you very high guaranteed. (Not a guarantee)

You can either fabricate the multipipe bong like i have or you can purchase a communal 4 pipe bong from this link: Multipipe bongs

To make  this bong you will need:

- A 4litre or bigger bottle
- 2.5 meters of thin gas pipe or similar
- A large bong bowl preferably from a shisha/hookah pipe
- The plastic seal bit from the shisha/hookah bowl
- A Lighter
- Scissors
- Screwdriver
- Bluetack  to seal and make air tight

1. Cut the gas pipe into 4 equal half meter pieces.

2. Heat up the screwdriver with the lighter and melt 4 equal sized holes, equally spaced apart about a quarter of the way down the bottle.

NOTE:Make sure the holes are a little bit smaller than the circumference of the gas pipe  as it needs to be a tight squeeze.

3. Force/Insert 4 of the sections of gas pipe into the 4 holes and seal round the edges with bluetack for extra airtightness.

4. Fill the bong about a third to halfway with water.

5. Stick the gummy (rubber seal) into the bottom of the bowl then stick the final piece of gas pipe into the gummy.

NOTE: This should be airtight. If not plug it up with a little bluetack. It won't melt as the bowl is ceramic (a good insulator)

6. Use the scissors to cut the top of the bottle off until the new bong bowl fits snugly. Cut off any excess pipe if necessary.

7. Fill the bowl with weed and prepare for the game.

Da Bong Game

There should be four of you each sitting at the end of a pipe connected to huge bong packed full of some yummy weed.

- Light the bong and everyone should be toking and toking hard.
NOTE: There is no time limit to toking either until your lungs are full or until the weed is gone.

-The fun bit. The aim of the game is to be the last one to let out all your smoke but you can not hold it in. As soon as you take your lips come off the pipe you must start exhaling.
NOTE: Exhale slowly

You cough you loose.

Still blowing out smoke and no one else is? You win!

It's a test of lung capacity and marijuana tolerance.

Da Bong Game

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