Sunday, 18 October 2009

Cool things to do when you are high

So your baked out of your mind after having a fat bong, spliff or blunt smoking session and you are wondering how can i entertain myself. This is how you discover your own personal smoking pastimes.

Firstly Sitting around in front of the tv watching boring reruns will leave you down and stoned rather than high. Unless you are watching an intense film which is worth getting high for, most things that involve slouching on a couch/beanbag just lead you down or to sleep.


Every stoner likes to munch! So here's anther cool trick after you've had a phatt smoke; Head to the kitchen.
Don't just jump on the standard crisps, chips and chocolate but get inventive and create something exotic because most things taste good when you stoned.
Banana and peanut butter was a great discovery.


Next is any activity that's cool but dosn't require too much effort like bowling/shooting as opposed to paintballing (i don't like being shot when i am high) although lazer tag is very debatable, it's a lot of fun high if you have the energy.
Poker is the ultimate game to play when high as you are relaxed and cool, you make cool calls. But don't get too cool or overheated otherwise you've lost. Board/bored games are fun with some chillin music in the background and you can include spliff and bong hits in the game somehow . . .

Messing about

After a few bong hits of some cool weed another trick i like to do is just find shit around which ever room in who evers house i'm in and just mess about with it till i realise how baked i am.


MUSIC! is for chilling and can be played through any activity mentioned above, no need to go into this. You just have so much more appreciation for music when you are high.

Computer games

The ultimate passtime to do while smoking weed is to play computer games. Naturally games consoles are first choice as they are the easiset to interact with, especially the Wii. So you can play Fifa or Nba for bong hits or whatever. Then there are onlie computer games which are brilliant for when you are high.
I will post some suggestion sites soon.



  1. bomberman is tested and approved! ;ò

  2. THIS SHIT IS THE SHIT LIKE not actual shit ya know? or dont you wtf is going on