Sunday, 27 September 2009

Alternative nicknames for Marijuana

Everyday new nicknames are invented for marijuana, even i or you could come up with some very easily.

Let's start by sifting through the main ones:

-Mary Jane

I may have missed a few, thats not important because you can eventually work out when someone's talking about it they'll use a descriptive word like that above or one that will put a smile on your face. They are mainly used to keep the conversation private hoping any eaves droppers cannot comprehend what they are talking about.

These are nicknames and they are endless, so feel free to add your own as a comment:

-Sticky Cabbage
-Stinky Poo
-Hippie Lettuce
-The Nug
-The thug

Then there are nicknames descriptive of the type of ganj:

-Blues (blueberry)
-Purple (purple haze)
-Chron Chron (chronic)

These are off the top of my head but it just shows how easily one can manufacture a new name for weed.

Then my favourite are descriptive words for being high/mashed.

The trick is put 'ed' on the end of a word:

e.g I'm Mash'ED' ,I'm Tabl'ED' ,I'm radiator'ED' :) etc . . .

Feel free to add your own personal nicknames in the comment space

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