Monday, 31 August 2009

Trick 7: The Bucket Bong / Gravity Bong

This smoking trick was always a favourite of mine.

What you need:

1 x bucket (three quarters full of water)
1 x empty plastic 2 litre bottle
1 x a knife/scissors
1 x foil/bong head
1 x lighter
1 x phatt bong hit of weed

How to perform a bucket bong hit:

- Cut the bottom off the bottle with your weapon of choice so that it can be immersed into the bucket of water.

- Depending on whether you chose foil or a bong head; Make a whole in the bottle lid so the head can fit in but still remain air tight or fit foil round the top of the bottle to act as a bong head and pierce a few holes in it, i find the foil is much easier.

- Submerse the bottle in the water most of but not all the way, then place your prepared head on top and while holding a lighter over the foil/bong head slowly lift the bottle out of the water most of but not all the way.

Remove the head and take a huge hit of weed and enjoy that shit!

Check out this simple gravity bong video tutorial!

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