Friday 27 April 2012

How To Clean Resin Off Glassware

There are many ways to clean bongs, pipes, and other smoking apparatuses. Proper techniques and tricks will successfully clean the dirtiest glassware. Careful cleaning must be observed to protect against breaking as many bongs, bowls, pipes have broken from being roughly handled when cleaning. Keeping your portable pieces cleaned and resin-free is very important. Due to the strong scent of resin, police and authorities are likely to smell the dirty resin accumulating in your pipe rather than the bag of weed. In addition, keeping bongs and larger devices clean will ensure smooth hits and better smelling bedrooms.

First piece of advice: do not clean your bong when you’re under the influence. You may accidently break it by dropping the slippery glass object or knocking it over causing it to break. Once you are sober, tackling the resin that has built up in your bowl and bong will be easy. Resin will find itself in the sink, on the counter, and on the floor. It is very sticky and easily stains surfaces; therefore it should be immed iately wiped off. If the glassware has not been cleaned for several months, soaking in hot soapy water will be necessary to loosen resin particles. Purchasing glass and bowl cleaners from smokeshops is not necessary. Your money can be better spent elsewhere as these products tend to be overpriced.

You can create the same solution by purchasing the strongest alcohol possible. Pour some alcohol with large rock salts into the bong and seal off all holes by using saran wrap and rubber bands. Shake the bong carefully to allow the rocks to scratch and remove built up resin. Rinse with hot water and repeat these steps until almost all the resin has washed off. Soaking the bong in hot water, alcohol and salt overnight may be needed to remove excess resin build up. You can also soak glass bowls in the same solution to remove built up resin and ash. Other cleaning options include OxyClean and dish washing detergent. Cleaning the outside and mouth piece with hot water and soap is also recommended. Always make sure to thoroughly rinse the bong to remove any salt and alcohol residue.

These are the necessary steps in order to properly clean glass bongs. If you are experiencing problems with bad odour, soaking your bong with hot water and lemon juice is recommended. Remember, it’s important to keep your tools clean to prevent attracting the heat and to fully enjoy your bud. Taking the time to clean and sanitize bongs and pipes on a regular basis will create proper smoking habits.

Monday 26 March 2012

Weed buying tips or How to buy good weed

There are many ways to spot good weed. Once you’ve bought different strands from different dealers, you will find key differences in appearance, smell, and taste. It is up to you to make sure you are purchasing the finest bud for your dollar. In order to grade weed, you must look, smell, and touch it before purchasing. If your dealer won’t let you take a look at the weed before purchase, it’s a sure sign that you’re getting a bad deal. If your guy is a bit sketchy, start asking your friends for other options. Understanding what to look for in a dealer and your weed will better your chances of scoring the best stuff.

Initially, you will want to look for three key characteristics. First off, crystals. Each bud should be completely covered in small specs of dust, these are called crystals. The more you see, the higher you’ll get.

Second, the weed should not be too dry, nor too wet. If the weed is too dry, it has lost most of its potency and you’ll be wasting your money. Make sure it doesn’t crumble in your hands and is slightly sticky to the touch. It is also very important that the weed is not too wet. If the weed is soggy, it won’t break apart as easily and force you to smoke more. The third most important aspect when grading your stash is potency of the smell. When you can sniff a bag from across the room, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Recognizing great buds of marijuana from solely the smell will take some time. If you’ve stumbled onto weed that has little to no smell, you’re in store for a crappy experience. These 3 key characteristics – crystals, moisture, and smell – are the building blocks for excellent bud selection.

There are other pieces to take under consideration when grading your purchase. Make sure there are no excess or large stems as these will weight down your purchase. In addition, an excess of sticks and seeds are signs of a low grade batch. Overwhelming amounts of leaves should also be avoided. The plant should still be green with speaks of purple, orange, or red as this will demonstrate potency. Look for small hairs peeking through buds as these are gold mines for stoners. Brown weed is an unacceptable colour and should not be smoked. Overall, use your judgement when you are looking, smelling, and touching. The buds should be green with speaks of colour, a strong odour, and a sticky feel.

While you studied and surveyed the weed, there are sometimes no way of telling until you take a hit. People experience different sensations and levels of intoxication when smoking specific strands. Begin by following these tips and you’ve be on your way to finding your perfect match.

Sunday 4 March 2012

Different Ways to Smoke Your Weed

Whether you’re a regular toker or a newbie, you are most likely searching for new ways to enjoy your herb.I will quickly outline the basic and common ways to smoke your weed. Stay tuned, I will be highlighting interesting ways to smoke your weed in weeks to come.

Fun Joints

First and foremost: the joint. Joints can be rolled in a variety of different ways including the straight joint, cone, combined joint and tulip. I recommend the use of cigarette rolling paper which can be found at your closest corner store. The smoke intake is smooth, however it does burn quickly. Your clothes and hands will most likely smell of weed, and you must watch out for canoeing.

Tulip Joint


The process is very similar to a joint. The weed must be rolled using blunt papers made of tobacco (sometimes flavoured) and the hits canbe harsh due to the large amount of weed. Blunts burn much slower compared to joints and are therefore perfect for larger groups.


These are great for on the go smoking. No need for pesky rolling skills and are easy to carry in pockets or purses. They are quick and great for sharing and passing. Be careful not to break the pipe, as they are most commonly made of glass.

Water Bongs

There are a few different types of water bongs: plastic, ceramic, and glass. Plastic bongs are convenient because they do not easily break. Once you’re stoned, your senses are lowered, causing bongs to shatter from carelessness. Unfortunately, smoking from plastic bongs is not recommended due to the plastic residue which can be found in the water. Ceramic bongs are mostly ornamental; they usually break easily and are not as convenient to clean. Glass bongs are ideal. They deliver smooth and natural hits and are the most common bong used. They are built in all shapes and sizes but, remember, the bigger the bong, the more smoke it can hold, therefore take your time hitting bowls with a new bong. The disadvantages of glass bongs include the possibility of breaking and bulkiness.

The Hookah

Hookahs are great tools because they let multiple people to smoke all at once. They allow you to burn the weed on top while we inhale from long plastic tubes. Hookahs tend to use more weed than necessary, therefore it is not very useful for large groups.

Homemade items

You and your friends can make your own pipe or bong with objects found in or around your home. By doing a few Google searches, you will find a multitude of different items including beer cans, apples, water bottles, etc. They are excellent for when no one has a paper or bong, however they only tend to be good for once or twice. Begin by experimenting with your apparatus and making sure it is working properly, you might have to make minor adjustments.

Monday 27 February 2012

I’ve smoked weed and hash. Now what? Maybe Earwax Hash?

If you’ve been a toker for a while now, you have most likely tried hash. Its main ingredient is THC and most people experience a stronger high while smoking hash. The resin from the flowers of the cannabis plant are collected and then smoked using either hookahs, pipes, water bongs or sprinkling on top of a joint.

Today, I would like to introduce you to a different kind of hash: Earwax. The hash is extracted through a butane extraction process, alcohol wash, or by using nitrogen oxide or CO2. When the wax is warmed up, it has the consistency similar to honey and is usually a described as striking experience. Different strands will give you different results, giving you access to a multitude of adventures. There are similarities and differences between Earwax and Bubble hash. Bubble hash must go through a cold water process. Once the cold water extraction has separated the vegetable matters from the THC laden trichomes, the vegetables remains are removed and the THC is dried and pressed. The main difference between bubble hash and ear wax are their reactions when lit. Bubble hash will bubble and sometimes will not completely burn. On the other hand, ear wax will always melt down into a lovely concoction of THC, CBD and CBN. It is very potent and completely pure, there is no plant residue making it a cleaner hit. A major tip when smoking ear wax is moderation. It is strongly potent and it is advised to take in small doses, especially when trying new strands.

Earwax Hash

The most common way to smoke earwax is through the use of a skillet or vapor globe. In order to inhale the wax, you must heat it up to create a vapor. Using a vapor globe is very simple, it is used to smoke full melt concentrates and made of a two pieces: a globe and nail. The globe pieces will slide on top of the nail once it is heated. The nail itself is made of glass or titanium and must be heated with a torch. Let the nail cool down slightly, place a dab of wax on top of the nail, and inhale. The skillet is used in a similar way, but consists of only one piece. Heat the skillet with a torch, tab the wax on top and toke away. If you need a more in depth explanation, you can visit YouTube for instructional videos. If you can’t afford these devices, you can also sprinkle a bad on top of a bowl or use a hot knife to melt the wax.

Vapor Globe and Skillet

Guys I'm just sharing another option of taking high , but I also want confess that for me the best option is simple marijuana buds :) especially if they grown from genuine Amsterdam seeds.

Sunday 12 February 2012

White Widow - The personal experience

Hello my fellow Bud-lovers

I know most of you probably heard about the White Widow, but I would like to dedicate a bit of my time to describe this outstanding weed ( It's in my top 5 ).

So makes White Widow so special?
Well simply because it's one of the best out there. Smooth on the smoke, smooth on the exhale, strong and fast. Absolutely caked in crystals, smelled like dank.. not sure how else to describe it. Came on like a freight train after a few hits, and had me totally stoned, then baked, for over 2 hours. After sitting outdoors at a coffee shop in Amsterdam and people watching while totally silent for an hour, my buddy and I went to the Van Gogh and stared in awe, laughing like idiots for another hour. On the walk back we absolutely crushed lunch, threw in some beers, and, totally plowed, went back to the hotel to crash. Maybe my best stone of my lifetime, I can't say enough. A nice, pleasant hazy head high, with a body finisher. Absolutely no burn out whatsoever. I woke up from my nap feeling like a million bucks.

its by far not the greatest tasting, smelling, or bag appealing strain in my arsenal that's for sure but I' almost got to admit the high DOMINATES any other strain I've yet to try, i was totally caught off guard, within two to three deep inhales i was in for an incredible ride, amazing body buzz followed by cerebral buzz!!!!

I could definitely taste a slight berry dankness undertones in the strain buts its mainly a dominant piney muskey scent!!! Be prepared for an incredible stone after enjoying a few tokes of this lovely strain!!!

Highly recommended.

Monday 23 January 2012

The Weed Sandwich

This guy was so high that he forgot any of the other ingredients to this epic marijuana sandwich!

It's a simple recipe executed perfectly in this nugtastic photo

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Wednesday 20 July 2011

How To Stash/Hide Weed in Your Car

We all like a smoke in the car and because we don't want certain people finding our stash, there must be ways of keeping it hidden.
(Hopefully there aren't any cops reading this)

There are several ways of storing weed in your automobile.

Firstly, there is no place to
obvious. So don't stick it in the glove compartment, down the back of the seat or in the boot. Cops will look at the spare wheel too . . .

Secondly, Know your car! You should know any secret compartments in your car, whether it be a fuse box or a compartment behind the armrests.
Cops will only rip your car apart if they think you have a large amount of weed. If you do - run!
If not, then use these compartments only you know about to keep your stash hidden.

A favourite way of stashing bud in a car is to hide it in the gear stick cover.

Open the gearstick cover which is held on by elastic bands and you have uncovered quite a sizeable inconspicuous hiding place for your weed.

Shove your weed in and close her up. . .

More to come . . .

Tuesday 5 July 2011

N64 Controller Bong

This is a brilliant innovation by a massive stoner geek, showing that you can turn almost anything into a bong.

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legal bud at
Legal Bud